The thing about being a Hunter is it gives you patience.
When I lost her, I bided my time.
I can’t forget her supple body, bending to my will. I can’t forget the youthful squeals of pleasure as she panted out my name. I can’t forget how she made me feel like a hero instead of dangerous man.
My sweet, innocent Blossom.
Then she was taken from me.
Anger fuelled me, and I became even more deadly.

Years have passed, and I’ve moved on with my work.
Keeping the world safer by killing those who seek to harm the innocent.
A vigilante.
But instead of finding her, she’s found me.
And with her comes a child with my blood pumping through her veins.

Just one more deadly game. Then she’ll be mine.
Then we’ll be a family.

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Alexis Abbott is a Wall Street Journal & USA Today bestselling author who writes about bad boys protecting their girls! Pick up her books today if you can’t resist a bad boy who is a good man, and find yourself transported with super steamy sex, gritty suspense, and lots of romance.

She lives in beautiful St. John's, NL, Canada with her amazing husband.

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