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Redeeming Viktor (Signed Copy by Alexis Abbott)


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After 4 years of deployment, all I want is to see a sexy woman in the flesh. Then I meet a goddess. Aphrodite is her stripper name, and I can buy it. I can't believe my luck when she comes back to my hotel with me.

Then the condom breaks.

I wish that's where my run of bad luck ended, but 5 years in jail keeps me away from her. All that keeps me going is the thought of her.

I need her to give me a second chance.

Alice aka Aphrodite

He never showed up for our second date. I can't blame him, I guess. Guys freak when condoms break, even though he said he'd support me through whatever. I guess it's easier to disappear.

And I got Cierra out of it. She's my little princess, and I'll do anything to protect her.

Now that he's walked back into my life, though, do I have to protect her from the much harder and more dangerous Viktor? I don't want to believe that. I want to give him a second chance.

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