Strayed from the Path – Dangerous Men #2

The Narrow Path - Alexis Abbott

Angela is slipping back into old habits and falling for dangerous men who are sexy as hell.

She promised herself she was going to turn her life around, to be a good girl and let go of her wild past. But after catching a glimpse of a bland, boring future, she finds herself at a bar, drowning her sorrows.

Instead of a good man for her future, she finds Romy. Gorgeous, shady and completely attracted to her. His charm and bravado ensare her faster than she can run. It should have just been one night, but once she has a taste of him, she craves more; he’s her addiction to get through her drab days.

She knows she’s in over her head. He has dark secrets. Secrets she has to feign ignorance to, until she is handed the opportunity to make some quick cash and make a clean break from it all. From him. From her poverty.

It’s just one little job.

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